Programme 2016 / 2017

2016 2017
Friday 15th April Friday 20th January
Speaker: Wendy Thompson Annual Quiz
“What you can do with chocolate.” Competition: “What is it?”
Competition:.Chocolate related item.  An unusual item.
Annual Rose Bowl Competition Friday 17th February
A knitted or crocheted flower. Speaker: Jacqui Botten
  “Street Angels”.
Friday 20th May Competition: An angel.
Speaker: Dave Hollis.  
“Wildlife in the Picos de Europa” Friday 17th March. 
Competition:.A lizard in any medium. Annual Meeting.
  Speaker: Marilyn Ottewell
Resolution Voting                                                                   “Flower Arranging Demonstration”.
  Competition:.Flower arrangement
Friday 17th June  in a wine glass.
Speaker: Chris Knight  
“Music Hall to Variety”.  
Competition: A theatre programme.  
Friday 15th July  
Speaker: Cathie Fernie  
“Complimentary Therapies”.  
Competition:.”What relaxes you.”  
Friday 19th August.  
Social meeting  
Friday 16th September  
Speaker: John Butterworth  
“Overland to Nepal in a Land Rover”.   
Competition: What would you leave on the top of Everest?   
Friday 21st October   
Speaker: HK Celebrations.   
“Cake Decorating Demonstration”.   
Competition: A cake topper.  
Friday 18th November  
Speaker: Cathy McAteer.  
“Happy Russian Christmas"  
Competition: Something Russian.   
Friday 16th December  
Speaker: Ian Rogerson.  
 No competition: Charity gifts